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Picture this...


A job you love, an effective, committed board, a strong community deeply involved in the work you do, and money streaming in; all contributing to your organization's ability to achieve its mission, day in and day out.

…sounds great, right? In a perfect world.

But the reality is…

You need more money.

Maybe the community need for your organization is growing and you want to do more, or maybe you’ve realized grants and events just aren’t cutting it.

You need more time.

Maybe you’re noticing you have more on your plate every day and you find that fundraising gets put on the back burner, time and time again. And what about all of those great ideas and pet projects that you wish you could get to? You find yourself thinking, “if only I could clone myself.”

Your team could use more help.

Very few on your team have sophisticated skills in development and your board has hang ups around fundraising. If you’re in the midst of a staff transition, important work is likely being dropped, causing you to scramble to fill gaps.

You wish you had a better plan.

Your long-term fundraising plan (if you have one) isn't working as well as you hoped. You might feel like your current fundraising campaigns are missing the mark. Maybe you’ve been doing the same event for a number of years and it doesn't have the energy and momentum it once did.

Or maybe you’re new to all of this.

I can help.

Working with me, you will not only get advisory services. You will get implementation that delivers immediate results. I will work side-by-side with you and your team, and together, we will make amazing things happen! Take a look at a more detailed list of what I can do for you.

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