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My non-profit has limited cash flow…how will I be able to afford your fee?

You are hiring me to raise more money for your organization and it is my job to do just that. My promise is that with my help, you will see significant increases in funds raised, easily covering my fees. When it comes down to it, a small investment now will pay off in the future. After we meet and I submit a proposal, you will have a better idea of when you will begin to see returns.

Do you have packages? How does your typical client engage with you?

Ongoing clients typically pay a flat monthly rate for a designated number of strategy sessions and worker bee hours. Additional hours may be needed or requested by the client depending tasks at hand in a given month. Special events are billed as a lump sum based on the size and scope of the event, both in terms of audience and fundraising goals.

Is it possible to pay consultant fees based on a percentage of funds raised, at the end of the campaign?

Although payment based on a percentage of revenue is a normal practice in the commercial world, it is seen as unethical in the non-profit sector. Good fundraising should be about the mission of the organization, and introducing an incentive could motivate consultants to inflate goals and ask for more money to serve self-interest. That said, we can arrange a payment schedule that works for your organization. Read more about ethical fundraising at

Why is a consultant's hourly rate higher than an employee's hourly rate?

Consultant and contractor fees may seem higher than what you would pay for an employee, but when you take everything into consideration, you often get more for your money when you hire a consultant. Consider the following expenses that come with hiring an employee: benefits, retirement plans, paid vacations, sick days, holidays, office space, equipment, transportation costs, unemployment taxes, etc. Also consider what it costs to keep an employee up to date on the latest trends in the field. Memberships, trainings, workshops and conferences can add a lot to your budget. With a consultant, none of this is your responsibility, it is theirs. With a consultant you are paying for hours actually worked or “billable hours.” Given that fundraising typically happens in seasons, this is a huge benefit. In slow months, you don’t need to worry about creating new work or paying high rates for work of less importance. You get to maximize your dollars. It all comes down to value. How much is having the right support worth to you?

Is there a difference between an independent contractor and a consultant?

A consultant is an independent contractor, and typically you will be hiring me as such.

Do you provide day-of coordination for events?

Absolutely. As day-of coordinator I will ensure that everything runs smoothly and according to plan. As the fundraising consultant for your event, I actually prefer serving in the day-of coordinator role as it allows me to better orchestrate the behind-the-scenes to leverage those critical moments and maximize every fundraising opportunity.

Can you help my organization with things other than fundraising?

Yes! My goal is to help you become a sustainable, well-run organization, and I will do everything in my power to get you there. This includes training, facilitation, interim or seasonal support, and even bookkeeping, if that’s what you want and need.

What if our non-profit doesn't have an office?

Not a problem! I have worked with a number of non-profits who do not have an office and we’ve enjoyed touring the city’s many coffee shops and meeting spaces. I also have a home office where I can get work done.

What are your working hours?

From many years working in non-profits, I understand the importance of making myself available in the evening and on weekends. Non-profits work with volunteers, and since many volunteers have day jobs, evenings and weekends are often the best time for meetings and phone calls. My hours will depend on the project at hand, and will revolve around what is needed. As we finalize the proposal, we’ll get our calendars out and map out important dates.

Will our staff, board, and volunteers have access to you by phone?

The short answer is yes, but I do like to set parameters around this. Since I am using my personal cell phone, I request that my number only be given out to those who need it. My preference is to schedule phone calls as much as possible, but as campaigns ramp up, I expect to be available on the fly. If I'm being paid by the hour, time spent on the phone will be included as billable hours.

Do you ever take on projects that require full-time hours?

Yes, I am open to taking on a project with full-time hours. It will depend on whether I have the availability and if I am willing to forego other contracts for the duration of the project. This will depend on time of year and will be on a case-by-case basis, just like any other contract.

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